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The role of the Registrar of Titles is much wider in terms of statutory responsibilities as the Registar of Titles is also referred to as the Registrar of Deeds (Section 2, Registration Act 1879) in accordance with the Registration Act 1879. The Registrar is also responsible for registration of Charitable Trusts under the provisions of Charitable Trusts Act 1945 and Religious Bodies under the provisions of the Religious Bodies Registration Act 1881.

The Office of the Registrar of Titles is a public office and as such is required to make available copies of documents filed in the Registry to the public upon payment of prescribed fees in accordance with Section 36 of the Land Transfer Act, 1971 – Any person may, upon payment of the prescribed fee, have access to the register for the purpose of inspection during such hours and upon such days as the office of the Registrar is open for public business.

The processing time for Titles, Deeds, Charitable and Religious application takes one week. The processing time might extend if the documents provided in the application are incorrect or additional documents such as a police clearance are required to assess the application.