1. Charitable Trust

a). Trustees Document (accordance with Religious Bodies Registration Act 1881)

  • Name of the organisation
  • Location/Address
  • 3-5 trustees Names, Addresses, Designations
  • Date of appointment of Trustees
  • Signatures of all trustees in the presence of a Solicitor or Commissioner of Oaths
  • Common Seal of the organisation

b). Constitution of the organisation (signed by trustees and witnessed by the Solicitor or Commissioner of Oaths

c). Title copy of the land used by the organisation or a consent letter from the landowner

d). Minutes of the Meeting

e).Valid Tax identification number (TIN) of all trustees

f).Police clearances of all trustees. (Police Clearance for New Trustees if change of Trustees is required for existing organisation).

g).Registration Fees $2.20 (VIP)